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Gregory’s Pest Control offers a wide variety of services to help keep your family safe and healthy. Our trained technicians find the pests that are bothering you, identify their species, and create a strategy to deal with these troublesome creatures. Our customized solutions are two-fold: to effectively control the pests now and to prevent them from bothering you in the future.

In short, you’re in good hands with Gregory’s.

Services that our family-owned and operated pest control company offers include ant control, cockroach extermination, mosquito control, rodent extermination, spider treatments, and more.

We provide customized solutions for your pest problems, delivering them promptly with unsurpassed customer service. Looking for an exterminator in the Southwest Ranches area, please contact us online or call 954-326-8287 for a free inspection.

Home Pest Control Services

Thanks to our 12-Point Shield of Defense system, we locate and effectively address South Florida pests to protect your home and family. We recognize how no two problems are precisely the same, so our Southwest Ranches residential pest management services are uniquely tailored to meet your needs in a way that’s also safe and pet friendly.

Our process goes like this; our highly trained technicians will:

  • perform a complete 20 point home inspection
  • recommend a personalized treatment plan
  • apply a perimeter pest defense treatment
  • provide you with peace of mind

Plus, we’ll back up our exterminator services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Mosquito Control Services

These biting pests can carry dangerous diseases, from the West Nile virus to Zika and much more, and can keep you indoors. To address that situation, we recommend our Southwest Ranches mosquito control treatment where our talented team will hunt down where mosquitoes live and breed on your property. We’ll precisely apply our Advanced Barrier Treatment to trees, shrubs, and vegetation around your house every 21 days to keep the barrier strong.

This mosquito control plan prevents adult mosquitoes from breeding and stops larvae in their tracks, with our Insect Growth Regulators taking care of larvae developing near water. Plus, Gregory’s In2Care Mosquito Traps add even more protection, using a biological control agent that works around the clock and is approved by the EPA.

Rodent Control Services

Rats and mice can cause problems in multiple ways. They carry harmful diseases that can be transmitted both directly and indirectly, which poses a health risk for your family. They chew through wires, which can cause a house fire, and gnaw at the home’s structure. They can even chew through gas pipes, which can be quite dangerous.

Fortunately, our Southwest Ranches rodent control services protect you and your family by locating and eliminating the rodent presence in your home. Our pest control company’s technicians will use advanced trapping/baiting methods to eliminate the current population, seal up entry points (our rodent exclusion service) to the house, and monitor your home to keep rats and mice out for good.

Cockroach Exterminator Services

Nobody wants cockroaches in their home. They get into your food in kitchens and pantries. They like to huddle in your bathrooms. So, if you’re looking for a roach exterminator near you, we definitely understand why you want them gone!

Gregory’s offers Southwest Ranches cockroach extermination services where we will find and get rid of these smelly roaches, including inside house walls. Treatments are carefully targeted to your pest infestations, safe to use. Then, to proactively keep cockroaches out, our perimeter pest defense service comes to the rescue. Plus, we apply liquid treatments where roaches crawl, hide, and form nests.

Bed Bug Exterminator

Families in Florida experience frequent bed bug problems, in part because of their growing presence in homes, overall—and also because these critters reproduce more quickly in warmer weather. Couple that with how these biting, blood-sucking insects travel on the luggage of tourists and other guests, and there’s a bed bug problem in our state. Fortunately, our bed bug exterminators can effectively tackle this problem for your Southwest Ranches home.

Bee & Wasp Removal

Wasps sting and can cause medical concerns for people with allergies. They’re often found near Southwest Ranches homes, too, settling in eaves, gutters, and soffits and hovering around trash cans. Bees provide plenty of benefits, being great pollinators, but they will sting to protect their nests—with these hives often closely located by homes. So, it just makes sense to contact us for professional bee & wasp removal services.

Ant Control Services

Numerous ant species call Florida home. Some sting; some can be dangerous; and all of them are a great big nuisance. Nobody wants them crawling through their kitchen and pantry or interrupting their picnics. Fortunately, experts at Gregory’s can identify the species and perform the right ant control services to stop them in their tracks. Note: if you’ve got fire ants on your property, keep your distance and call us ASAP.

Spider Control Services

Although plenty of spider species are relatively harmless, two types of venomous spiders get into Southwest Ranches homes: recluse and widow spiders. They can hide quite well and then surprise you with their presence and their bites—so don’t put yourself at risk. If you spot spiders or their webs or eggs in your Florida home, or you suspect a venomous species, our spider control services can remove them to protect your family.

Whitefly Pest Control

Hundreds of types of these small white-winged pests exist and, once you get just a few in or near your home, they’ll keep reproducing and wreaking havoc on your plants. Plus, the substance they excrete attracts ants and other unwanted pests and encourages the development of mold. The rugose spiraling whitefly loves warm weather so, if you see spiral patterns on plants, covered by white wax, or suspect other species, you need whitefly pest control.

Flea and Tick Control

Fleas and ticks bite people and pets and can cause big problems, especially when they get inside your Southwest Ranches home. They feed off the blood of the creatures they bite and can transmit dangerous diseases in the process. Post-bite, your family could develop hives or rashes, which can lead to infection. Our flea and tick control services allow you to manage their population and protect your family and pets.

Wildlife Removal Services

Even people who appreciate wildlife prefer to keep raccoons, skunks, birds, squirrels and other creatures outdoors. They can carry and transmit disease to people and pets, damage your home, and more—and it takes experience to safely take them from the house. For fast, efficient help, contact us and ask for our wildlife removal services.

Gregory’s Pest Control Company

At our family owned and operated company, we treat each of our customers as we’d like to be treated: respectfully with excellent service. That’s what we’ve done since 1985 and what we’ll continue to do as we provide safe, effective, timely treatments, each coming with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. In need of residential pest control near you? Contact us online or call 954-326-8287 so that we can take care of your Southwest Ranches, Florida exterminator needs.

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