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Bed bugs can be brought into your home on luggage from you and your family after traveling or from visiting guests, among many other methods. Regardless of how it happens, once it does, this savvy pest can thrive in our climate because they reproduce more quickly in warmer temperatures. As a result, this insect is a year-round problem for people living in Southwest Ranches. In fact, the problem is so prevalent that national bed bug treatments total more than $3 million annually, according to the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

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Bed Bug Infestations


These critters are flat, round, reddish-brown, and small in size (about the size of an apple seed or Lincoln’s head on a penny)—capable of causing big problems, considering their size. They’re elusive, challenging to spot as adults, and even harder to see while in the nymph stage.

You may instead, notice their feces or shed exoskeletons. You may experience itchy bites and/or welts. Or you may notice small reddish-brown drops on bedsheets; that’s dried blood. Bed bugs also give off a sweet-musty odor, so that smell is another sign that you may need bed bug removal services.

Health Issues

First, the good news. These bugs don’t transmit diseases. However, medical problems can occur after they bite someone to feed off of their blood. At first, you may not see signs of a bite or it could look like a mosquito or flea bite. Several days later, though, the skin around the bite can get red and slightly swollen. This skin can now feel itchy and become irritated—and even become infected.

At this point, you could have a medical problem. Some people experience allergic reactions, up to and including anaphylaxis, and severe reactions may need rapid medical attention.

Where They Hide and Breed

Bed bugs can hide in places such as mattresses, bed joints, and slates as well as in baseboards, under wallpaper, in wall outlets, and in clothing and linen. They can travel from location to location in suitcases and briefcases, second-hand furniture and bedding, clothing and shoes—but, once in a home, they tend to settle in.

Adults can live for several months without food. Once a female is fed, she will lay one to seven eggs daily, up to two or three hundred over her lifetime. So, a small presence can quickly turn into an infestation.

Bed Bug Prevention Strategies

Keeping these critters out is the goal. Tips include:

  • Inspect any second-hand purchases (from antique stores, yard sales, and so forth) before bringing them into your Southwest Ranches home. 
  • Vacuum regularly, including around your bed and furniture, using appropriate attachments. 
  • Clean your mattress with a stiff scrub brush and use the attachments to sweep it, too. 
  • Regularly change vacuum bags or empty your vacuum canister; put the debris in a plastic bag in an outdoor garbage can.
  • While traveling, put your suitcases in the tub when you aren’t using it; check the bedding for any bed bug presence.
  • When returning home after a trip, keep the suitcases in a hot car for 24 hours. Before bringing them inside, check for any bed bugs.
  • Wash any clothing, linens, bedding, or curtains brought inside in hot water and use a hot dryer. Put shoes, stuffed animals, and other items that you wouldn’t put in your washer into a hot dryer for 30 minutes.

Bed Bug Treatment & Removal Services

Once these pests get inside, they can be very difficult to remove yourself, so you’ll typically need to contact a professional pest control company to receive effective bed bug exterminator services. These critters can’t survive temperatures of 117–122° degrees Fahrenheit, so bed bug treatments that leverage professional applications of heat take care of the pest from eggs to adults.

When you contact Gregory’s for professional bed bug removal services, we’ll:

  • Thoroughly inspect your home, including the spots where we know these pests hide
  • Determine where the bed bug infestation is most active to prioritize the bed bug treatment
  • Provide you with a customized treatment plan, including any pretreatment prep steps

Then, we’ll implement our two-step bed bug treatment:

  1. Our expert technicians will use a specialized steamer/vacuum to penetrate hiding spots: cracks, crevices and more. This eliminates 95% of the infestation. 
  2. We’ll then use professional products that are safe and highly effective to establish long-term control over any remaining bed bugs. 
  3. We’ll return 21 days later for a follow up inspection to ensure successful bed bug elimination. If there is still a residual presence, we’ll perform spot treatments until you are 100% satisfied. Guaranteed.

Professional Bed Bug Control in Southwest Ranches

You can count on our team to evaluate and eliminate these pests to protect you and your family. Our trained team will locate hiding spots to create a personalized bed bug control plan. We’ll leverage our 20-point inspection to create a 12-point customized treatment plan for indoors and out. We’ll be transparent about the bed bug exterminator procedures and costs, and answer your questions.

More than 30 years ago, Bob Gregory founded Gregory’s Pest Control. He’d worked at a national pest management company and recognized where this large business fell short of customer expectations. So, as he created his own company, he focused on providing the best services possible with customer satisfaction front of mind—and Gregory’s is still family-owned and operated today. We focus on building personal relationships as we provide the safest, most effective bed bug control possible.

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