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Approximately 315 native species of bees—including honeybees—live in Florida, with 29 of them found only in our state. Other species, such as the Africanized honey bees (AHB), have found their way here. Whether they’re native or not, though, honeybees typically have several things in common:

  • They’re great pollinators and honey producers, helpful to farmers.
  • They will often assertively defend their hives and territories. 
  • In response to feeling threatened, they will often sting. Although many can be mild, this can lead to significant problems if someone is allergic to the sting.
  • Plus, other pests can be attracted to the area by the honey they produce. 
  • It’s therefore risky to have beehives close to your home.

It’s best to contact a professional bug exterminator when you have a hive on your property, and this is even more urgent if someone in your household (or someone who might visit your home) is allergic to bee stings. You can contact us online for our bee removal services. Or call us at 954-326-8287.

Wasp Nest Removal

Paper wasp nest

In Florida, there are two main wasp species. One species—the paper wasp—lives in large colonies, while the other type—the cicada killer wasp—prefers solitude. Paper wasps are smaller than their cicada cousins, with reddish-brown hues. They typically sting as a defense of their colony. The cicada killer wasp stings cicadas to kill and eat them. They look somewhat like a yellow jacket bee, which can cause confusion over what pests you really have in your home or on your property. 

Although wasp stings can be relatively mild, they can cause significant problems for someone who is allergic to their venom. These stinging pests like to settle in gutters, eaves, and soffits. They’re attracted to trash cans that aren’t tightly sealed; flowers; and other pests they can hunt, such as spiders and a variety of insects.

If you have a problem, you know what to do! Contact us for wasp exterminator services. 

Bees Inside Your Home

Sometimes, bees build nests inside chimneys or inside walls, among other dark, secluded places preferred by bees. Besides causing problems for family members, the honey they can produce can damage and stain the parts of your home where the hives are built. If they’re in your home, contact us for beehive removal. 

Keeping Bees and Wasps Away

When bees are hunting a new place to establish a colony, they are attracted to honey smells. So, if you have dormant or abandoned hives on your property, it makes sense to proactively remove them.

Also, close up places where bees can get into your home. They can get in holes as small as one-quarter of an inch, including those around doors or windows, or in siding gaps. There can also be holes around the gutters on your house. Caulk and patch them. They can enter through ducts and vents, too. So, if you find bees flying around those areas, they may be using it as an entry point—and they also use chimneys to enter homes.

They might use an outdoor grill or shed as a home base for their hives, so minimize what you keep outside. Also, consider where you plant flowers and herbs. If they’re placed near a good spot for a hive, this can attract honeybees to settle there, so consider relocating your plants. Natural bee repellents include peppermint plants, cinnamon, cucumber peel, crushed garlic, and more. 

To keep wasps away, make it difficult for them to get to food. Keep trashcans tightly lidded, clean up quickly and well after outdoor gatherings that include food, and so forth.

If these tips aren’t enough to keep bees and wasps away, then it’s probably time to call in professionals.

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