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Mouse Control

Mice can cause plenty of problems for your family and pets. They can carry disease, chew through wires in your house, and multiply quite quickly. So, when seeking a mouse exterminator near you, you’ll want a fast, effective response—and that’s what you’ll get with Gregory Pest Control

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), rodents spread more than 35 diseases. These range from hantavirus to listeria, salmonellosis and more, spread through feces, urine, saliva, and nesting materials. These diseases can be dangerous and, the more mice in your home, the more the risk increases. 
Taking care of an infestation, DIY can be challenging. That’s why it makes sense to contact a professional mice exterminator near you when problems arise. Not sure if you’ve got an infestation? Read on!

Signs of an Infestation of Mice

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It isn’t unusual to see signs of an infestation before you see an actual mouse. Signs include:

  • Mouse droppings, especially near sources of food and close to nests; these can also be found where mice travel through your home
  • Evidence of chewing on wood, walls, and floors; rodents must regularly chew to keep their teeth from being overgrown and this is also how they create entry points
  • Gnawed-through food packages, whether paper, plastic, or cardboard
  • Shredded material, whether paper, plants, insulation, fabric or something else; this is what they can use to build and maintain nests
  • Unpleasant odors, from a urine smell to something worse when a mouse dies in your home
  • Unusual behavior and/or significant attentiveness from your pets; they may be aware of mice before you are
  • Scratching and scurrying sounds, especially at night

If you have reason to believe there are mice in your Florida home, it’s important to proactively respond. Mice can reproduce rapidly. In fact, just one female mouse can have five to ten litters of babies annually, with six to eight babies in each litter. 

For those babies that are female, they will soon start their own exponential reproductive growth. Females can start reproducing at six weeks or so of age, becoming pregnant again soon after giving birth to the last litter.

Keeping Mice Away

Adult mice can get into homes through a space the size of a dime. Younger ones only need the diameter of a pen. Besides sealing up any cracks and crevices, here are additional strategies to help keep mice away:

  • Seal up food in tightly-lidded glass or plastic containers; this will help prevent them from finding ready sources of food 
  • Tightly close up garbage cans for the same reason
  • Remove all sources of food and water at night, from leftover pet food to unwashed dishes and counters with crumbs or spills
  • Trim bushes and tree limbs away from your home to prevent them from being on-ramps inside

Mouse Exterminator Services

When you contact Gregory Pest Control, we will take a multi-pronged approach to your mouse problem. First, we’ll come out to inspect your home for the presence of mice. This includes looking for signs of mouse activity, seeking out entry points into your Florida home, and so forth.

We’ll give you a free estimate and explain our approach to you. It involves a combination of advanced trapping and baiting techniques to address any mice that have already made their way inside your house. Through our exclusion service, we’ll focus on making sure that mice can’t get back into your home by sealing up your entry points.

Gregory Pest Control also offers monitoring and maintenance services, placing bait stations strategically around your home. These tamper-free stations are what provide you with total rodent protection. We’ll monitor and maintain these stations as part of our annual service plan to provide you and your family with ongoing protection against a mouse invasion.

We recognize that few things are more unpleasant than physically removing mice from your home—so let our trained technicians take care of this problem for you, efficiently and effectively.

Mice Control Services: Satisfaction, Guaranteed

Finding just one mouse in your house can be a disturbing experience (and, when there is one, there are usually plenty more). That’s just one reason why our mouse exterminator services come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you need rodent control after we provide our services, just let us know and we’ll return, free of charge.

For a free inspection and estimate, contact us online or call 954-326-8287.