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Boca Raton is a beautiful place to live with an appealing climate. This makes it ideal for residents and visitors—and all sorts of critters that you don’t want in your home or on your property. These include but unfortunately aren’t limited to ants, bed bugs, bees, centipedes, cockroaches, mosquitoes, rodents (rats and mice), silverfish, spiders, and wasps. 

That’s why, in South Florida, it’s important to use a pest control company that protects you, your family, and your home in ways that are safe and effective. That’s exactly what Gregory’s Pest Control offers: professional residential pest control in Boca Raton, FL, provided with exemplary customer service. For an exterminator in Boca Raton, please contact us online or call 954-326-8287 today.

Ant Control

Several ant species live in our area, including one that can be downright dangerous. As part of our ant exterminator services, we’ll identify the species and address the infestation in a way that dovetails with their unique behaviors.

Species include Bigheaded ants that love to forage around in bathrooms and kitchens; carpenter ants that adore sweetness and moisture (they bite!); crazy ants who will eat and live wherever they can; ghost ants, also known as sugar ants; pharaoh ants, which are a major pest because of their ability to find food; and white-footed ants that are especially problematic during the summer. 

Although none of these are desirable in your home, fire ants are the worst because of their painful stings, one that can be dangerous to someone stung multiple times or allergic to them. Fire ants will attack people and pets and will continue to reinfest areas if they aren’t appropriately controlled.

Bed Bug Treatment

These pests are a problem, year round, settling into people’s beds, baseboards, clothing, linens, and more. They travel easily after hitching a ride on briefcases, suitcases, clothing, second-hand purchases and so forth—and, once in a home, they settle in and get comfortable. They feast on people’s blood but can go months without eating (which means you aren’t going to starve them out). 

Once a female is fed, she can lay one to seven eggs daily, hundreds over her lifetime. That’s why a relatively small infestation can quickly turn into a big problem in a Boca Raton home. These tiny creatures can be hard to spot, though. So, if they’re in your Florida home, you may first notice their bites on your skin, especially where it came in contact with a mattress or bed linen; brown or red spots on your sheets, which is dried blood; feces; shed body parts; and/or a funky smell. 

If you suspect a problem, please contact us for bed bug treatments.

Mosquito Control

Nobody wants these buzzing, biting creatures on their property. They’re a true nuisance, plus they can carry dangerous diseases, including the Chikungunya virus, dengue, malaria, the West Nile virus and the Zika virus. Fortunately, we offer highly effective mosquito control services, including:

  • Barrier spray treatments
  • All-natural mosquito control
  • In2Care Mosquito trap
  • Special event treatments

The mosquito trap contains an EPA-approved larvicide and, when egg-laying mosquitoes are lured inside, they take larvicide with them and spread it wherever they go. This exterminator substance takes care of mosquito larvae and adult pests while being safe for bees, butterflies, and your pets. 

Bee Removal/Wasp Nest Removal

There are hundreds of bee varieties living in Florida, some but not all of them native to our state. Honeybees are crucial for our food supply system, being great pollinators—with the problem being that they’ll often defend their hives quite assertively and may sting. If someone is allergic to those stings, this can be a significant problem. So, contact us for your bee removal services. 

We also offer wasp nest removal services. It’s best not to try to remove any hives yourself. Instead, contact us for expert removals.

Rodent Control Services

Nobody wants rats and mice in their Boca Raton home. They spread diseases, ranging from hantavirus, leptospirosis, lymphocytic choriomeningitis, and salmonella to tularemia, the plague, rat-bite fever, monkeypox, and more. Besides directly and indirectly spreading dangerous diseases, they damage homes by chewing on wood, plastic, insulation, and more. When they chew on electrical wiring, this creates the potential for a house fire. 

For highly effective rodent control, contact our exterminators. After a thorough inspection of your home, we’ll find where rats and mice live, feed, and breed. Then we’ll use our advanced trapping and baiting techniques to address the problem. 

Cockroach Extermination

If you spot a roach in your home, you may well have an infestation, a group of pests that can carry and spread dysentery, typhoid, the polio virus, bacteria, and parasitic worms. Plus, they shed skin and body parts and leave behind urine and feces—each of which often trigger allergies and asthma attacks in people who are vulnerable. So, if people in your home are experiencing runny noses, sneezes, watery eyes, and trouble breathing, this can indicate a roach presence.

DIY attempts are typically not enough to get rid of roaches, So, call in the professional Boca Raton cockroach extermination team at Gregory’s. 

Spider Exterminator

Fifty-nine spider species have been found in Florida—including two venomous species: recluse spiders and widow spiders. Although recluse spiders aren’t native to Florida, they’re here, and they hide in and under objects—even inside clothing. So, wear gloves when reaching into places you can’t see well (or don’t reach into them). Widow spider bites can cause significant symptoms within one to three hours and can last for up to five days without medical intervention. 

Contact our spider exterminators for safe removal. 

White Fly Treatment

These flying pests are related to mealybugs and aphids but can resemble flies. Once they get into a home, they reproduce quickly and well—with highly fertile females laying 200 to 400 eggs apiece, thanks to their short reproduction cycles. Although they won’t bother people, they can destroy your houseplants and the substance they excrete can attract ants and other pests (causing additional problems) and can create mold. 

Don’t let this happen to you! If you spot some of them, contact us for white fly treatment.

Flea & Tick Exterminator

Talk about unwanted pests! These tiny insects bite people and pets to feed off blood with these bites often becoming sore and itchy. Plus, rashes and hives can develop. Even worse, these pests carry dangerous diseases, such as cat scratch fever (via fleas infecting cats) and Lyme disease (through ticks). So, don’t delay. Contact our flea & tick exterminator team for quick relief. 

Wildlife Removal

When skunks, raccoons, birds, squirrels, and other wildlife get into your home, you’ll want them out, stat. They can damage your home, bite people and pets, and spread dangerous diseases, including but not limited to rabies. Many species can also contaminate your food supply, creating more problems. For safe and effective wildlife removal in Boca Raton, contact Gregory’s Pest Control.

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Our family owned and operated company offers a wide variety of pest control services that are safe and effective. Our business was established on the founding principle that customers want to have quality services and personal relationships with local businesses that provide them. That’s what we believed in 1985 and it’s still what we believe and put into practice today. 

Plus, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. In other words, if the bugs come back, we will, too, taking care of the problem for you. To get started on Boca Raton pest control, contact us online or call 954-326-8287 today.

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