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Some pest infestations are seasonal, with their presence fluctuating throughout the year. Bed bugs, though, are a problem year-round and they exist in large numbers in South Florida. This is true, in part, because these savvy pests can ride along on pieces of luggage carried by guests and tourists coming to enjoy The Sunshine State. It’s also true because these bugs can reproduce more quickly in warmer temperatures. 

According to the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, treatment for bed bugs currently clocks in at $3 million nationwide. In other words, it’s a big problem. So, if you’ve got an infestation and are looking for a “bed bug exterminator near me,” then we invite you to contact the professionals at Gregory’s Pest Control online or by calling 954-326-8287.

Their Growing Presence 

These creatures have been harassing humans for a long time. A really long time. Back in the mists of time, according to National Geographic, they lived in dark caves and fed off the blood of bats—and of our ancestors. As humankind abandoned caves as their dwellings, bed bugs naturally followed their source of food. 

BBC notes how they were discussed (read: complained about!) in literature from as far back as ancient Egypt, and archaeologists have found what appear to be fossilized bed bugs from 3,500 years ago. These unwanted critters traveled to what’s now the United States in the colonial days and they settled right in.

In the 1950s, it appeared as though human ingenuity had taken care of bed bug infestations, once and for all—but, over the past couple decades, they’ve come back with a vengeance. This is true in part because of an increase in international travel. Other reasons include the ban of certain pesticides; the bug evolving to survive the use of other treatments; and a lack of enough information being shared with people to help them to proactively address their problem.

Detecting a Bed Bug Infestation


These wingless critters are flat and round, about the size of an apple seed—or, as the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC) points out, that’s about the size of Lincoln’s head on a penny. Bed bugs are reddish-brown in hue. 

These bugs are tiny and can be crafty creatures so, even if you have a bed bug infestation in your Florida home, you may not spot this elusive bug (and, at the nymph stage, they’re even harder to spot). Instead, you might see their shed exoskeletons and/or feces; have bites or welts that itch; or notice small spots of blood on your bedsheets. You might also smell an odor that is both sweet and musty at the same time. If so, you may very well have a bed bug problem. 

Health Concerns

Although these bugs don’t transmit diseases, they bite people and feed on their blood. Initially, there may be no signs of these bites or they could be mistaken for flea or mosquito bites, with the bites manifesting several days later. Areas of skin that become red and slightly swollen can itch and become irritated; these bites sometimes appear in a straight line; other times, they’re randomly scattered. 

In some cases, these bites can become infected, which can become a medical issue. Plus, as the CDC notes, some people can have an allergic reaction, up to and including anaphylaxis. People who have more severe reactions may therefore need rapid medical attention.

Bed bugs often come out at night while people are sleeping, capable of targeting our presence by the carbon dioxide being exhaled. People often don’t wake up while being bitten, either, because the pest’s saliva contains substances that act as an anesthetic. It also contains an anticoagulant, which can make it difficult to know you’ve been bitten. Then, once these bugs have feasted, they hide out, spending the next week or so digesting the blood, mating, and laying eggs.

Where They Live

As their name implies, bed bugs can make their homes in beds, including in mattresses and bed joints and slates. But, they can also settle in wall outlets, in baseboards, under wallpaper, in clothing, linens, and more. They also travel well from one location to the next on suitcases, briefcases, clothing, and second-hand furniture and bedding. While in the home, though, they don’t typically move quickly or far.

Once they settle in, their presence can be quite persistent. Adults can last for several months without a source of food. When fed, a female will lay one to seven eggs per day; over her lifetime, one single female can lay 200 to 300 eggs, which makes it easy to see how a relatively small population could quickly turn into a big problem.

After an egg is laid, it takes six to 17 days to hatch. At this lifecycle stage, the bug is called a “nymph,” unable to reproduce yet. How quickly a nymph reaches maturity depends on the temperature, which means that this process can take place more quickly in warmer climates such as in southern Florida. In these conditions, nymphs can mature in as few as 21 days; in cooler weather, this process can take four months. 

Prevention Strategies

If you decide to purchase second-hand items from thrift stores, rummage sales, and so forth, carefully look them over as a bed bug control measure before bringing them into your home. Regularly vacuum, including furniture and around your bed, using appropriate attachments. You can use a stiff scrub brush to clean your mattress and also use sweeper attachments to vacuum it. Change vacuum bags often and encase old ones in plastic before putting them outside in a garbage can.

When traveling, keep your luggage in the bathtub when not in use (these bugs can’t climb on smooth surfaces) and inspect the bedding for any bed bug infestations. When returning from a trip, leave luggage in a hot car for 24 hours and then inspect the suitcases for any bed bug presence. Wash clothing, bedding, curtains, and linens in hot water and then run through a hot dryer. If there is something you can’t put in your washer—anything from shoes to stuffed animals—put them in the dryer for 30 minutes at the highest setting.

Bed Bug Removal Services

Once a bed bug infestation exists, it can be hard to address using DIY methods. So, it typically makes sense to reach out to a pest control company for effective bed bug treatments. To quote the medical expert site,, “Generally it is safest and most effective to hire an experienced pest control professional for bedbug extermination.”

The good news is that, when you contain a professional bed bug company, there are safe and effective bed bug removal solutions. For example, although these pests can seem invincible (after all, they can survive in sub-zero temperatures for days, even weeks), they can’t survive once temperatures reach 117–122° degrees Fahrenheit, which makes bed bug heat treatments effective across the critters’ lifecycle, from eggs to adult.

Our Bed Bug Treatment Process

When you contact us with a bed bug infestation, we’ll thoroughly inspect your home, including the places where the insects love to hide: mattress seams, box springs, bed frames, baseboards, picture frames, ceiling edges, and furniture. Our expert team will determine where the bed bugs are most active so that we can focus the majority of our treatment there.

After the inspection, we’ll provide you with a customized treatment plan that includes information about any pretreatment prep needed to allow us to maximize treatment effectiveness. Our bed bug treatment plan includes two steps so you can benefit from both short-term and long-term pest control:

  • In step one, we use a specialized steamer and vacuum to gain immediate control over the infestation. The steamers create pressure that penetrates any crack or crevice that could serve as a hiding spot for these critters, which eliminates 95% of the home’s population.
  • In step two, we establish long-term control over any residual issues. In this stage, our trained technicians use professional products to treat areas where any remaining bed bugs will hide in search of food (blood). Our products are both natural and synthetic, all safe and highly effective.

Within 21 days, we’ll return for a follow-up inspection to ensure success with the bed bug removal. If any remain, our team will perform spot treatments until you are fully satisfied.

Looking For a Bed Bug Exterminator Near You?

Our trained technicians know where they hide and, during an inspection of your south Florida home, they can locate their hiding spots and create a bed bug control plan that’s tailored just for you. We’ll get rid of your current infestation and create a strategy to keep them out.

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We start with a complete 20 point inspection of your south Florida home and follow up with our 12-point personalized treatment plan that includes interior and exterior strategies. Because we recognize that no two pest problems are the same, we’ll customize a solution to your unique needs. And, because we value our customer relationships, we’ll be transparent about bed bug treatment costs, procedures, and more so you’ll know just what to expect. Our trained technicians are also happy to answer your questions. 

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