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Spiders in Your Southwest Ranches Home

Some you may see (when they’re large, are numerous in population, or don’t hide) while others—smaller ones and those that hide well—can be there without your knowledge. All spiders, though, leave behind signs of their presence. They all spin webs and, if you vacuum webs and they come right back, there are spiders at work. Or, you might find spider eggs, a sure indication of an active infestation.

If you decide to look for their hiding spots, do so carefully. Check in the basement and crawl spaces plus your attic and eaves. Look by the windows, too. Also think of places in your home that are dark and/or somewhat out of the way. Each of these can be a hiding spot for spiders.

Also, if you’re dealing with another kind of pest infestation—critters that spiders might eat—this could be a sign of spider presence.

Keeping Spiders Out

If there isn’t a spider infestation in your Southwest Ranches home, this is an ideal time to take steps to keep them away. Strategies include the following:

  • Outside, keep leaf piles, compost, wood piles, and more away from the foundation.
  • Vacuum often. Dust, too.
  • Spray essential oils that they don’t like: cinnamon, lavender, peppermint, rose, or tea tree.
  • Make a 50/50 mixture of white vinegar and water and then spray in corners and cracks. Use with care because this can damage varnished surfaces.
  • Use plastic containers (instead of cardboard).

South Florida Spiders

In the state of Florida, there are fifty-nine species of spiders. They range in shape, size, and color—and whether they are or aren’t venomous. Although only a couple of species in our area have dangerous bites, why take a chance trying to remove them yourself? Gregory’s Pest Control is proud to provide professional pest control services in Southwest Ranches—including effective spider extermination.

According to the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, there are two spider species in our area that are venomous: recluse spiders and widow spiders. Other ones are less dangerous (but that doesn’t mean that you want them in your Southwest Ranches home!).

Here’s more about each of the two venomous species.

Recluse Spiders

brown recluse spider

Although recluse spiders aren’t native to Florida, they’re here. Three different species have been spotted in our state: the brown recluse, Mediterranean recluse; and Chilean recluse. The first one is brown and can be recognized by its trademark violin-shaped mark. The second one looks similar to the brown recluse but the violin mark is lighter in color on its parallel sides. The last one is the most dangerous species with its violin-shaped mark dark in hue with a wider front.

The reality is that you won’t want to get close enough to a recluse spider to decide which type it is. Plus, they can be hard to spot because they’ll hide in or under objects, including in clothing that you haven’t worn in a while. So, if you don’t know if there are spiders in areas you can’t see well, wear gloves to protect yourself—or, even better, don’t reach in until you illuminate the area and can see that it’s safe.

Widow Spiders

black window spider

Unlike recluse spiders, widow spiders are native to our state. Four species found in Florida include the southern black widow, the northern black widow, the red widow, and the brown widow. Females are larger than males with an average female being 8-15mm in length; males can be as small as 2mm.

Just like recluse spiders, widow spiders like to hide—in logs, rocks, sandboxes, grills, and more. When one bites, it’s probably a female, one that felt trapped near a person. Once the spider bites, venom spreads within one to three hours. Traveling through the person’s lymphatic system, symptoms typically include significant pain plus cramping, nausea, and vomiting as well as hypertension. If the bitten person doesn’t get medical treatment, symptoms can last up to five days.

Contact a Spider Exterminator

If you see more than one or two spiders or spot other signs of their presence, we invite you to contact us for a free pest control inspection and no-obligation quote. Our highly trained technicians will perform a full 20-point inspection; share results with you; and answer all of your questions.

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