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When rodents move in, getting rid of them can’t wait.

Rats and mice pose several dangers to your family, pets, and home, from transmitting disease to damaging your home’s wiring and creating a fire hazard.

There are few DIY pest control tasks more unpleasant than killing and removing rodents, so leave it to Gregory Pest Control’s experienced, trained technicians to handle rodent removal quickly and effectively. Because just one or two rodents may mean many more are hidden in and around your house, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free quote on our expert rodent control service.

Rodent Removal of Your Unwanted Guests

Our technician begins your rodent extermination service by thoroughly inspecting your home, looking for any signs of rodent activity and the entry points they use to get into your home. We then use our advanced trapping and baiting techniques to eliminate any mice or rats that have moved in.

Exclusion Service to Keep Rodents Out

Mice and rat removal is the first important part of solving your rodent problem—the second step is to make sure rodents can’t get back in. Our rodent exclusion service includes locating and sealing all entry points into your home.

Rodent Monitoring and Maintenance Service

Our mice and rat exterminators place tamper-proof bait stations in strategic locations around your home to give you total pest protection. We return to your home to monitor and maintain your stations as part of our annual rodent service protection plan. This ensure you have uninterrupted protection from rats and mice.

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Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

Rat control and mouse control are some of the most important services we provide our customers, and we know how disturbing it can be to have even one rodent in your home. That’s just one of the reasons we stand by our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you continue to have issues with rodents, we’ll gladly return free of charge.

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