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Ant Extermination Services You Can Count On

When ants make themselves at home in your Southwest Ranches home, you want them out, ASAP. That’s why Gregory’s Pest Control offers fast, highly effective ant exterminator services, no matter what species is part of the infestation. 

Gregory’s is a family owned and operated pest control company that provides solutions for families in the Southwest Ranches area—services we’ve offered to customers in the region for more than three decades. We know what kinds of ants cause problems in South Florida—and we’re well versed in how to get them off your property in eco-friendly ways. 

To benefit from the experience and efficient services of our ant pest control experts—as well as our environmentally friendly products and techniques—reach out for a free, no-obligation quote. Please call us at (954) 326-8287 or contact us online

Best of all, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Ant Infestation Prevention Strategies

There are ways to make it more difficult for ants to get inside of your Southwest Ranches home in the first place. These same tips can be used after ant extermination treatments to keep them out. Tips include the following:

  • Inspect your home for potential entry points, including cracks, crevices, and holes. Use caulk to close them up. Check your foundation for loose mortar and make any repairs, and make sure the weather stripping around your windows is in good condition.  
  • Wipe your countertops and sweep your floors regularly to keep them free of crumbs and spills.
  • Seal up dry foods in containers with tight lids. 
  • Frequently take the trash out of your home. Place it in outdoor garbage containers that are tightly lidded.  
  • Remove or reduce sources of water that can attract ants by maintaining gutters, fixing leaks, and ensuring that water moves away from your home’s foundation.
  • When pets are done eating, put their food and water bowls away. 
  • Prune bushes, branches, and shrubs near the home. This eliminates a convenient ramp to your Southwest Ranches home.

If the persistent pests still find a way to get inside, contact our professional ant exterminator team.

Types of Ants in South Florida

carpenter ants

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are among the largest ants in Florida, so they’re often found in people’s houses and garages. Two common types of this species are Camponotus floridanus and Camponotus tortuganus. This species does bite. They nest in wooden portions of structures and they look for moisture and sweetness. Our ant pest control team will locate their nests and strategically apply treatments.

fire ants

Fire Ants

Fire ants can be dangerous despite their tiny size. This species stings; at a minimum, being stung is painful, producing intense itching and pustules. If a person or pet is allergic to these stings, the attack by fire ants can lead to life threatening reactions, ones that demand immediate medical attention. To add to the challenge, fire ants are quite resilient. Even after you have them exterminated, they can come back unless ant control measures are kept in place. So, they can easily re-infest an area. If you spot a fire ant mound, keep people and pets away. Then call us at (954) 326-8287.

ghost ants

Ghost Ants

Ghost ants love sweet foods, which is why you often find them on kitchen counters or in cupboards. That’s also why they’re also called the sugar ant. They can be frustrating to have because nobody wants ants in their kitchen. That said, they seldom bite. If they do, the reaction to the bite is typically pretty minor—especially in contrast to what a fire ant sting can provoke.

white footed ants

White-Footed Ants

These ants are named after the white tips on their legs, which are in stark contrast to the black body. These critters can cause problems in the summertime, and they don’t respond to ant bait in the ways that many other ant species do. So, if you’ve got an infestation of this species, you’ll likely need regularly scheduled, professional ant control services. Our team will track down their nesting spots and tackle the problem.

crazy ants

Crazy Ants

Crazy ants will eat just about anything—from seeds to bugs to fruit—foraging for food far from their home base. Their name comes with this erratic behavior—erratic, at least, when compared to many other ant species that follow trails carefully laid out by fellow ants. Crazy ants nest in multiple types of places: in soil, trash, and cavities of trees, being comfortable in damp and dry environments.

bigheaded ants

Bigheaded Ants

You might find bigheaded ants in your lawn or garden. They also dig their way beneath sandy soil under slabs and brick walkways. They become a problem when they come into Southwest Ranches homes in search of food, and are therefore found in kitchens and bathrooms. This species seldom bites or stings, typically only doing so if it senses a threat to its nest.

pharaoh ants

Pharaoh Ants

Pharaoh ants can be found all around the country (and world). They can be hard to spot because they build nests in hidden spots, including inside appliances and in piles of trash. They’ll eat just about anything—from the sweet foods favored by other ant species to oily/fatty ones. Because they tend to nest in inaccessible spots, professional ant exterminators are often needed to rid the home of their presence.

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Southwest Ranches Ant Pest Control Services: Free Inspection 

When you choose Gregory’s, you’ve picked a company that will protect your family and house with great care—just like we would our own. Gregory’s Pest Control provides the safest yet most effective pest control treatments available in the Southwest Ranches area, and we focus on building personal relationships with our customers.

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