How Does Professional Mosquito Control Work?

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Despite being so tiny, mosquitoes can easily drain the charm and life out of any outdoor experience. They produce annoying noise and serve as a carrier of various infections or deadly diseases that shouldn’t be left untreated. That’s where professional mosquito control services can help you! DIY methods can work in some cases, but they offer immunity to these mosquitoes.  

Additionally, your lack of expertise while applying treatments for mosquitoes can cause severe harm to your pets and plants. This means going with a professional mosquito control service should be your ultimate choice. You might be wondering how professional mosquito control works and its benefits. Let’s delve into the details.

Step-by-Step Guide on Professional Mosquito Control Working

Before hiring any mosquito control professional, you should know how professional mosquito control works.

Inspection of Breeding Sites 

The most effective way to eliminate mosquitoes is by targeting their breeding sites. Typically, mosquitoes prefer living in stagnant water, long grasses, and other humid places. The mosquito control team will first conduct a thorough inspection of your area to identify where they are present in abundance and which area needs the most attention. Some must-check areas of your home or commercial building include; 

  • Pools and fountains that aren’t properly maintained and possess stagnant water.
  • Bird baths that haven’t been emptied and cleaned for a long time.
  • Buckets, flower pots, tires, and long grasses that need cleaning and cutting.

Once the mosquito breeding sites are identified, professional mosquito control will move toward the next step, which is using larvicides!

Application of Larvicides

The lifecycle of a mosquito comprises four stages that are: 

  • Egg
  • Larvae
  • Pupae
  • Adult 

The best time to kill mosquitoes is in the early larvae stage, as this inhibits further population growth. Larvicide helps in outdoor and indoor mosquito control around your home. These chemicals are applied to mosquito breeding sites to kill the mosquito larvae before they get a chance to develop into fully-grown adult mosquitoes. Be cautious while using any sprays!

The professional mosquito control service uses special techniques to apply these larvicides in different mosquito-prone areas to ensure you enjoy a healthy lifestyle. 

Install Mosquito Traps 

Mosquito traps are one of the most effective ways to kill mosquitoes. These traps have EPA-approved fungus that is environmentally friendly and keeps your pets safe. The working of this trap is straightforward as it attracts egg-laying mosquitoes, injects them with a larvicide, and lets them fly out. 

These mosquitoes then carry the larvicide to different mosquito breeding sites, killing other species members. The mosquito control service installs this trap in your location when typical mosquito elimination methods don’t work. Here are a few of its benefits:

  • Kills all the larvae inside the trap and on the breeding sites.
  • Attacks and kills all the exposed mosquitoes.
  • Don’t let viral infections grow, hence, keeping you safe!

Regular Checking

Professional mosquito control service providers make regular visits to ensure the effectiveness of applied treatments. During the inspection, they reapply the solution wherever required until the complete population of mosquitoes is wiped out. 

Why Should You Consider Professional Mosquito Control? 

DIY mosquito control may not be effective compared to professionals due to a lack of knowledge and experience. According to MarketWatch, the global mosquito control service market is expected to reach $1431.9 million by 2027. This shows that many people are getting professional services to get rid of mosquitoes in their areas. Let’s have a look at the advantages that you receive from professional mosquito control:

1.    Possess Excellent Knowledge

A professional mosquito control company deals with mosquitoes every day, and this experience and knowledge help them figure out which methods work best for your location. They promote employees’ learning and stay updated about everything from mosquitoes’ life cycle to how to reduce their growth. This helps them discover breeding sites and early signs of infestation, something DIY enthusiasts cannot notice. 

2.    Perform Better Application

Buying a pesticide from your local store and creating your mosquito control solution may seem easy and affordable, but it’s ineffective. You may be able to treat a few areas, but there is a high chance that many mosquito-abundant locations will stay intact. In addition, these aren’t compatible with our environment either. 

However, this isn’t the case with professional services, as they can easily figure out mosquito breeding sites long before there are obvious signs. Not only this, but they know perfectly where and how much treatment is required to keep your pets, plants, and children safe. 

3.    Makes Everything Hassle-Free

Self-employed methods aren’t always fruitful in mosquito reduction, and you spend a lot of time trying to find the most effective technique. This brings unnecessary headaches and exasperation. 

But when you go with a professional, they know everything from the types of larvicides needed to the application method. Moreover, with them, you can be sure that these annoying flying insects will no longer interrupt your sleep or spoil a fun party. 

Does Professional Mosquito Control Work?

If you are wondering about do mosquito treatments work, the simple answer is yes. Getting regular mosquito control treatments can greatly reduce their overall population. For instance, if you get a quarterly mosquito control service, you will see around a 90% reduction in the mosquito population. 

However, the effectiveness of the treatment also depends upon the credibility and experience of the professional mosquito control company. Here’re a few things that you should consider before hiring anyone to ensure you see a prominent decline in mosquito growth:

1.    Check their Experience

Experience is the most important thing to consider when selecting a professional mosquito control service. You should collect information about their services and how long they have been in this business. Trusting a company with an extensive service record is easy because it assures you that if, unfortunately, something goes wrong, they’ll fix it. 

2.    Go Through All the Reviews and Testimonials

The next thing you should check to clear more doubts is the reviews and testimonials of the concerned mosquito control professionals. You can easily find them on their online website or other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. These reviews about professionals help you make an informed decision. 

3.    Ask Whether their Treatments are Safe or Not 

One thing you should know is that not every professional mosquito spray or treatment is safe. Some can potentially harm your pets, children, or plants. So, before selecting the best professional mosquito control company, ask what mosquito companies spray and the formulation of their larvicides or insecticides. If everything is eco-friendly as well as safe for your pets, then you should go ahead with them. 

4.    Always Prefer Local Mosquito Control Professionals

Local service providers are aware of weather conditions, mosquito zones, and their species. One treatment can’t work with all mosquito species. In addition, these are more likely to make frequent visits to measure the effectiveness of their applied solutions. That’s why hiring local experts can guarantee the working of mosquito control treatments. 


Professional mosquito treatments greatly reduce the mosquito population and help you get rid of viral infections. Gregory’s Pest Control takes pride in offering environment and pet-friendly mosquito control treatments and traps that effectively wipe out mosquito species in Florida. 

So, don’t wait; contact us now to get a free quote for professional mosquito control services!

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