How Often Should Pest Control Services Be Done?

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Pest control is essential for homes and offices to ensure your family and employees stay safe from infestations and enjoy a healthy life. You also get rid of the stress that comes with ants crawling into your kitchen or rodent invasion. However, the primary question that many people ask is how often pest control should be done. 

The answer varies depending on factors such as the building location, age, construction type, and much more. Let’s discuss all these points to find the ideal timing for requiring pest control services to combat unwanted guests. 

How Often Should Pest Control Treatment be Done? 

For homes or apartments, it’s suitable to go quarterly (every 3 months and four times a year) to eradicate pests. However, if your residence is in an area with abundant pests, you may need monthly or even bi-monthly pest control treatment. In the case of commercial buildings, the frequency of pest control treatment is a bit more compared to residential areas due to the high public presence. 

For instance, if you are a restaurant or club owner, monthly pest control services aren’t sufficient. You need weekly or sometimes bi-weekly treatment to ensure people enjoy a healthy environment. However, similar to residential buildings, the answer to how often pest control should be done depends upon a few factors. Let’s look at them: 

1.    Location

The first thing to consider before deciding how often pest control should be done is your location. For instance, Florida experiences hot summers and mild winters – so if you live there – you need year-round pest control services. It’s because some pests grow in summer while others prefer winter to thrive. 

In Northern Florida, the temperature is relatively cooler than in Southern Florida. So, quarterly pest control is a good choice for people living there. However, in Southern Florida, monthly treatments are suitable for your home!

2.    Property Age 

If your home or building was built in the 90s and has hidden or visible cracks, you are prone to pest infestation. The cracks on concrete or tiles serve as a gateway for pests to enter your premises. Hence, pest control services are needed more frequently at such places compared to newly built homes. 

3.    Surrounding Conditions

The answer to how often pest control should be done depends on the surrounding conditions. If your home or building is in areas facing the below-given conditions, then the frequency of pest control treatment may be more than usual:

  • Moist or damp conditions
  • Severe weather conditions like extensive rain throughout the year

For instance, Florida is the fifth rainiest state in the US, and more rain means more pests hiding indoors. So, if you live there, you should regularly get pest control treatments. Likewise, residents of Coral Springs also experience approximately 231 days of rain throughout the year. That’s why this city’s demand for pest control services further increases.  

Do You Need Quarterly Pest Control?

Many people ask, “is quarterly pest control necessary?” Pests are active throughout the year, and sometimes you notice them when they’ve caused severe damage to your home and health. For this reason, one visit a year isn’t enough for your building to be pest free. That’s where quarterly pest control helps you, as it aims to prevent pest invasions from occurring in the first place! 

The pest control company will examine your place and perform the treatment at regular intervals (four times a year). With quarterly pest control service, you can rest assured that your home or commercial building will be pest-free all year around.

Best Time of Year to Spray for Pests

There are different types of pests, so when one goes, the other comes, which makes it necessary for you to have a year-round pest control service. Let’s have a look at pests that thrive in different seasons:

  • Spring: Nuisance ants, carpenter ants, crickets, carpenter bees.
  • Summer: Yellowjackets, ticks, mosquitoes, wasps, hornets.
  • Fall: Stinks, bugs, boxelder bugs, mice, ants, ladybugs.
  • Winter: Mice, squirrels, flying squirrels, spiders.

Getting pest treatment once a year will leave other dangerous pests unattended. Hence, they caused significant damage to your home and loved ones’ health. So, you should know there’s no best time of year to spray for pests, and you need the spray treatment throughout the year at regular intervals.

Benefits of Pest Control Services 

According to IBIS World, pest control revenue has increased 7.0% over the past five years, including a 1.7% boost in 2023. This shows that people are getting pest control services more often due to the handful of benefits it provides. Let’s discuss some reasons that make pest control treatment advantageous for you!

1.    Keeps You Healthy 

Pests such as mosquitoes, ticks, cockroaches, and others serve as a carrier of deadly viruses and bacteria. For instance, cockroaches alone carry around 30 different species of bacteria that have adverse health effects. So, get pest control services and ensure these pests don’t invade your home, and your family and loved ones stay safe! 

2.    Prevents Expensive Termites Damage

Termites are pests that attack your home or commercial building in the worst way. You end up with substantial financial expenses that are required to cover up for the damage. These pests are most commonly present where some wood makes contact with the ground. They can also crawl into your home through the cracks in tiles and walls. However, regular pest control treatment can help you say a forever Goodbye to these pests!

3.    Protect Your Pets 

Many times, the pests in your home get in contact with your pet, causing severe health issues. It’s because pets are unable to save themselves from poisonous spider bites or infections carrying rodents. Routine pest control treatment is a step towards keeping your little friends safe from these dangers. You shouldn’t wait until there’s some visible damage and consult a pest control company beforehand to prevent pests from spreading. 


Now that you know how often pest control should be done and its benefits, you must be looking for a credible pest control company. If yes, then Gregory’s Pest Control is ready to facilitate. We deal with all types of pest treatment and ensure your family and property stay protected from infestations. The best part is that our pest control services are safe, effective, and even pet-friendly. 

Get in touch with us now to bid farewell to pests and all their potential hazards!

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