Why You Shouldn’t Wait Until to Peak of Mosquito Season to Call Professional Mosquito Control

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According to the United States Environmental Protection Department, there are around 200 species of mosquitoes in the US. This means irrespective of the region you live in, mosquitoes can ruin your outdoor activities. These flying pests are carriers of many dangerous diseases, risking your life. 

To ensure the safety of your loved ones from mosquito attacks, it’s suggested to get mosquito control services. However, many people ask when is the best time to spray for mosquitoes and why you shouldn’t wait until the peak season. If you are looking for the same answer, let’s dig into the details!

Should You Use Spray Before the Peak Mosquito Season? 

The best time to spray for mosquitoes is right before the peak season. Although the peak mosquito season varies based on region, it typically happens when the temperature reaches 50°F or more. This time is the most suitable as it’s the duration in which a mosquito egg transforms into larvae and then into a full-grown mosquito. 

Mosquitoes generally have four stages of development;

  1. Egg
  2. Larva
  3. Pupa
  4. Fully-grown Mosquitoes 

Among all these, mosquitos are weakest at the larva stage. Larva usually takes around 5 days to develop into a pupa, and then in the next couple of days, an adult mosquito becomes ready. 

Why not Wait for Peak Season?

Mosquitoes are most vulnerable during development stages, especially when they are larvas. Larvas need a lot of water for their development into pupas. That’s the reason mosquitoes lay their eggs near water-rich or flood-prone areas. 

There are mainly two main reasons for employing before-season mosquito control services;

  • Larvas are weakest; that’s why they are easiest to kill
  • These are usually found near standing waters, so they can be easily found

Killing these mosquitoes in the egg or larvae phase can save you and your family from many deadly infections. In addition, mosquitoes quickly breed, so it’s best to utilize mosquito control methods beforehand to prevent their growth. 

Listed below are a few factors that add up to the mosquito population. These necessitate doing mosquito treatment without waiting for the peak season: 

1.    Standing Water 

Mosquitoes don’t need a huge pool to reproduce because an inch or a glass of water is enough for their breeding. However, finding all the places with an ounce of water in your yard or garden can be difficult. Here are the most common areas where you should look for mosquito breeding:

  • Tires
  • Planters
  • Dustbin Caps
  • Buckets

Spraying on such areas, along with the complete removal of water, can kill the mosquitoes before they start proper breeding.

2.    Leaves and Grass 

You may not know this, but mosquitoes love to hide in the tall grass, leaves, or bushes in your yard to reproduce. Even if there’s not a lot of yard debris and a little bit of overgrown grassy area, you will see a sudden spike in the mosquito population. So, it’s suggested to clean your yard carefully and spray for full mosquito elimination. 

3.    Bird Bath 

As the bird bath has stagnant water, it becomes a safe home for mosquito breeding. Therefore, to ensure a bird bath doesn’t play a role in mosquito production, you should change its water regularly. Another thing to do for mosquito control is to aerate and move the water in it as much as possible. 

What Time of the Day is Suitable for Mosquito Spray?

Of course, you want to spray for mosquitoes when they are most active to ensure you are taking the right step toward mosquito control. If so, then the right time for this is dusk and dawn. 

Mosquitoes come out of their shelters when there’s no light; however, this also changes with the species. In addition, the answer to how often to spray for mosquitoes is 30 days. The material degrades over time, so you should repeat the spraying procedure every month to make sure of mosquito control. 

What Month is Best to Spray for Mosquitoes?

The mosquito season is different for all states of America, but generally, the best time to spray for mosquitoes is around March. It’s good to be prepared for the peak mosquito season because mosquitoes grow very fast. So, if you don’t prevent their growth before the peak season, you’ll be unable to stop their spread easily. 

Best Time to Spray for Mosquitoes Depending on Your Region

Mosquitoes can’t survive in every condition, and their growth is based on the temperature conditions. Below are the different states of the USA, along with their weather information to check when and which region needs spray:

1.    Gulf Coast and Hawaii

The most prominent states in this region are Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, and Missouri, and the mosquito season ranges from February to November. This means the best time to spray for mosquitoes is at the start of February and should be repeated every 30 days until November. 

The Gulfcoast and Hawaii face consistent 50°F and above, making mosquito season the longest. Additionally, the Southern Mosquito, which loves to appear at night, is the most common mosquito there.

2.    North Midwest and Pacific Northwest

Washington, Vermont, New York, and Massachusetts are the states included in this region. The mosquito season starts in May and ends in September, which means the spraying begins in May. 

As this region has the mildest temperature, the mosquito season is also the shortest there. The House Mosquito is the most commonly found species in this region, and they breed in tires, bird baths, flower pots, etc. 

3.    South and Southwest 

This region includes states like Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina, with mosquito season varying from March to September. So, you should start spraying at the start of March for complete mosquito control. 

This area of the country doesn’t face a consistent 50°F, so the mosquito season is not that long compared to other regions. The most common mosquito in this region is the Asian Tiger which comes out in the daylight and breeds in standing water.


Now you know the best time to control mosquitoes, but you might wonder how to do it. Don’t worry; Gregory’s Pest Control is always ready to assist you. 

Our team carefully analyzes your location and creates a personalized mosquito control plan to ensure you get rid of these flying pests. On top of that, our experts return after every 21-30 days to ensure the installed barrier stays functional. 

So, don’t wait; reach out to us now to protect yourself & your family from mosquitoes!

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