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About Us





Gregory's Pest Control is a family owned and operated business since 1985, with over 26 years experience servicing Dade, Broward and the Palm Beach counties. Our goal is to always provide excellent and personal pest control service to our customers. Our unique and advanced methods reduce the health hazards associated with pest/bugs in and around your home or business. Once we treat the inside to terminate the pest/bugs, our focus then becomes the exterior, where the pest/bugs live and breed. We apply specific bait to protect your home 24 hours a day from nasty pest/bugs.


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Owners Paul Gregory and Mark Lee

Our Advance Perimeter Treatment





G.P.C. provides a level of service no other pest control company can. We are open 7 days a week with our technicians  always on call to ensure that your pest/bugs control needs are eliminated. G.P.C. provides an exterior treatment of your home which eliminates the pest/bugs on the outside where they breed and live. We treat inside the home for emergency situations with no additional charge. Controling your pest/bugs problem is a detailed process using the latest technology and the most advance products available on the market.