whitefly infestation on hedge

Are Ficus Whiteflies Eating Away at Your Privacy?

Ficus trees and hedges serve multiple purposes for homeowners. Not only do they offer beautiful landscaping but they can also serve as a privacy barrier as well as provide shade. Their use in this manner is greatly compromised however when they fall victim to a whitefly infestation. These infestations often go undetected until the ficus …

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Paul Gregory

Owner/President of Gregory’s Pest Control

I’m a 2nd generation pest control owner who started working for my father in 1999. I was raised in South Florida and feel blessed to call it home for my entire adult life. As a long-term Florida resident, I recognize the challenges of controlling the many different pests that thrive in our subtropical climate. In particular, I understand how difficult it can be to prevent pests from invading our homes and businesses. By helping families solve their pest problems so they can live safer, more comfortable lives, I feel I am also meeting my family’s commitment to help our community. When I’m not out fighting pests, you can find me on the golf course or out on a soccer field where I have been fortunate enough to coach soccer to kids of all ages for the past 20 years.