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Signs of Pest Invasion In Your Home

cockroach lies dead on wood floor

Do you always have a nagging feeling that you are not alone in your home? Perhaps every time you are in your kitchen, in the dead of night, trying to get a late snack from the refrigerator, you feel dark beady eyes watching your every move?

Have you had an unshakeable suspicion that there might be unwanted tenants, who are sharing the comfort of the apartment but not paying their share of the rent? Do you think you have pests – yes, some creepy vermin – in your home but are not quite certain?

What to Look For

The below signs will help you put that question to rest finally. RentSmartUSA shares unmistakable signs that pests are invading your home.

Finding dead bugs often

A dead insect occasionally is nothing to be worried about. But if you start finding them on regular basis in different parts of the home at the same time, you have a problem. If they are the same species, you may be sure it’s an infestation.

Signs of nesting

When you start to notice shredded paper, ripped clothing, or bits and pieces of insulation lying around the home, know that some creature is building a nest in your home. These materials may often lie in the hidden corners of the home, so be on the lookout.

Pest droppings

Pests leave their droppings around the home but if you don’t know what they are, you may overlook this clear sign of pest infestation. Pest droppings come in various shapes, colors and sizes, depending on the creature that made them. Another notable sign is egg cases, especially for roaches.

Gnaw marks

Rodents need hard objects they can chew on to sharpen and pare their front teeth. In your home, they will chew on hardwood, walls, or any kind of hard material. Small teeth marks show that you have mice in the home. Bigger marks are usually made by rats.

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Damage to wiring and piping

Electrical and plumbing problems that arise from wires and piping that are unexpectedly damaged often show that some overactive rodents have been chewing on your home’s electrical and plumbing systems. This includes gas lines that start to leak suddenly.

Annoying odors and inexplicable noises

Pests make a lot of noise, but mostly at night. Sometimes these sounds are inside the walls of your home and they tend to stop when you move or make a sound yourself. Also, pests leave foul odors from their urine, feces, and dirty bodies.

Sticky windows and doors

This mostly happens with termite infestations, when the insects bore tunnels in the wood on and around your windows and doors, causing them to absorb moisture and swell. The presence of termites is also accompanied by signs that will be discussed later.

Grease marks and tracks

The tiny paws of rats and mice leave telltale track of prints any place they go. These are usually found around food sources – close to the kitchen sink and near the pantry. These marks occur along specific routes because rodents typically like to use the same paths every day.

Restless pets

If you have a dog or cat that gets jumpy without any clear reasons, you may have a rodent in the house. If the dog barks and scratches at specific spots on the walls of the home or sniffs around and won’t sit still, it may have found the entrance hole of a rodent.

Termite waste

Termites leave a long trail of destruction and evidence behind them. Signs of termite activity in the home include tiny piles of very fine sawdust close to wooden objects in the home. They will also leave visible holes – tunnels – in wood and shed their wings around the home.

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Outdoor signs of pest infestation

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Out in the yard, pests will leave signs of their presence. Outdoor signs of pest infestation are not always as easy to spot. But they include some of the following:

  • Damaged plants: Beetles, moles, grubs, whiteflies, and voles feed on plants and damage them; look at the edges of leaves and grass blades for signs of chewing.
  • Dead patches on the lawn: This is a sign that a rodent has made that patch of grass its favorite spot in your yard.
  • Nearby breeding grounds: If there are grassy fields, stagnant water, gas pipes, unkempt alleys, and piles of garbage close to your home, the pests these places attract may find their way to your home.
  • Holes and raised ridges: Raised ridges that travel across the lawn, piles of dirt that take the shape of a small volcano, and holes in your lawn are all evidence of rodent activity.
  • Ant hills: These are usually jagged structures of hardened earth that are found around fence lines and within cracks in pavements. You may also find covered tunnels running along walls and on the stem of trees. Both point to the presence of an ant colony on your premises, and suggest it may be time to call a local ant exterminator.

If you have noticed two or three of these signs in your home, it is time for a detailed investigation by a professional pest control company to determine what kind of pest you have in the home.  Our friendly staff and expert technicians at Gregory’s Pest Control will work with you on a customized plan so you can feel confident knowing we will take care of your home and family.

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