Most Popular Pest Control Services in Florida

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Due to its warmer climate, Florida is one of the biggest breeding grounds for pests and rodents in the United States. Here’s how residents can tackle the issue.

If you’re a South Florida homeowner, there’s almost a hundred percent chance you deal with insects, rodents, or a combination of both throughout the year. Even if you’ve subscribed to a reputable pest control maintenance plan, it’s critical to keep up with check-ins and treatments, as pests are always on the lookout for new vulnerabilities to infiltrate the areas in and around your home.

Whether you’re moving into a new place and want to get ahead of any budding problems, or you’re concerned about the number of infestations you’re dealing with, pest control will improve your quality of life. You can deal with the nuisances you have now, reduce the likelihood of them returning, and protect yourself and your family from a host of potential health issues and diseases.

But which pest control services are best to get? When should you stop trying to deal with an issue on your own and call in an expert? What is the difference between regular activity and a full-blown infestation?

Keep reading to get the answers.

Do I Have a Pest Problem? | Signs of Infestation in South FL

The signs of an infestation will vary based on the type of pest. While one or two ants may not be an immediate cause for concern, a single bedbug should result in an immediate call to an exterminator.

If you’re new to an area, having a pest control expert conduct a preliminary inspection is a great way to spot and eliminate an existing issue. However, if you’re settled, you should keep an eye out for these general signs:

  • Increased Sightings – The most obvious way to spot an infestation problem is by seeing it firsthand. Changes in the frequency and timing of pest activity despite DIY treatments may also indicate that an issue is getting out of control. If you start spotting nocturnal pests during the day, their numbers may have expanded so much they can no longer stay hidden. 
  • Physical Symptoms – Signs like increased itchiness and waking up with strange bumps and welts could indicate you’re getting bitten by pests.
  • Stains and Droppings – Many pests like termites, rats, roaches, and bedbugs leave feces, grease stains, shed wings, and more in the areas they frequent.
  • Smells – Large groups of pests tend to give off a smell. For example, a termite infestation might smell like mold, while a bedbug infestation may be musty sweet. 
  • Sounds – Large groups of pests also make more noise. If you’re hearing sounds in your walls and attic at night, this could be due to pest activity. 

It is much easier to notice irregularities by cleaning frequently and ensuring unnecessary clutter is removed from indoor and outdoor areas. 

The Most Popular Pest Control Services in South FL

While hundreds of different species of pests can invade homes across Florida throughout the year, some infestations are far more common. Here is a list of the top pest control services homeowners request that you might need to consider.

  • Ant Extermination – Ants in Florida range from a minor nuisance like Rover Ants to wood-burrowing Florida Carpenter Ants that can weaken building supports and damage other parts of the structure. Their size makes it especially easy for them to enter homes, and infestations can occur all year round, especially when colonies have multiple queens, as seen with Bigheaded Ants. Ant extermination services remove ants from your property and ensure all nests are destroyed.
  • Mosquito Control – Mosquitos in Florida are particularly dangerous due to the range of diseases they carry. This includes West Nile, chikungunya, dengue, malaria, yellow fever, and several others, which can be life-threatening. South Florida’s mosquito control services are carried out during mosquito season from March through September, primarily in the rainier months when mosquitos are actively breeding. In addition to spraying for mosquitos, your pest control provider should also carry out inspections for potential breeding areas.
  • Cockroach Extermination – Like ants, cockroaches are active in Florida throughout the year, but infestations are highly likely during the rainy season when it is hot and humid. American and German roaches prefer being indoors and leave egg cases, dark stains, and musty smells in their wake. Cockroach extermination is generally preferred as homeowners do not have to clean up the roaches once they are killed and their nest areas destroyed.
  • Spider Extermination – While few spiders in South FL are known to cause a lethal reaction, and they generally will not bite unless provoked, they are still a concern for many homeowners, especially those with children and pets. Spider extermination services will remove their nests and eliminate their presence from your home.
  • Rodent Control – While not as common as ants or cockroaches, mice and rats are highly likely to require an exterminator once they’ve started reproducing. They tend to gravitate indoors as they search for food during the warmer summer months, and with them might be diseases like rabies, leptospirosis, or hantavirus. Rodent extermination services remove all signs of these pests from your home.

Other popular pest control services include termite extermination, bed bug extermination, bee and wasp removal, flea and tick extermination, white fly treatments, and wildlife removals. However, professional exterminators will have a package available for any of your pest control needs.

Are Professional Pest Control Services Worth It?

Many homeowners make the mistake of spending more money when their initial DIY treatments don’t work, then calling a professional exterminator once the problem is bigger, more expensive, and has caused significant damage. Don’t hesitate to reach out to a professional if, after a week or two, your pest problem persists. Not only will the issue be resolved quickly, but you can also get ahead of other infestations that might be on the horizon.

How Do I Select a Pest Control Provider? | Best Pest Control FL

Your home is your castle, so when you choose a pest control service provider, it’s important to ensure that they’re reliable, trusted, and will deliver the quality of service you expect. Here’s a quick checklist to go through before scheduling a visit:

  • Ask if your provider is licensed – While there are many environmentally friendly treatments available, pest control professionals are still required to have the knowledge and training necessary to handle these chemicals in and around your home and family.
  • Look for reviews – Pest control is a service that improves the quality of a customer’s everyday life. See what homeowners like you have to say. A satisfaction guaranteed policy also displays their confidence in the quality of their work.
  • Go local – In a state as biologically diverse as Florida, having a pest control provider familiar with your area ensures they’ve seen it all and can spot potential problems before you do.

Popular Pest Control Services from Gregory’s Pest Control

The safest, most effective way to remove bugs, pests, and rodents from your Florida home is to get a full-service treatment from a professional pest control provider.

Gregory’s Pest Control, based out of Coral Springs, Florida, has over thirty years of experience protecting families in Broward, Palm Beach, and other South Florida areas from infestations. We also have a barrier protection program to eliminate entry points and breeding areas, and an advanced maintenance service that sees one of GPC’s expert personnel returning for a checkup every 30-60 days.

Visit our services page to get a free quote or schedule a complimentary pest evaluation visit.

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